At Interyear, we are fortunate to have a large enough house that we can provide housing for other families. It helps to make our model sustainable and also provide for a rich community. This post was written by Christie Tudor, a college friend from years ago. Their family sold their house in North Carolina to move into the third-floor apartment with their three kids. We have treasured their company, are proud to call them neighbors, and grateful they are a vital part of the Interyear community.


Over the last few years I've thought about what home means. What does it take to make a home? What does it take to make it home? For the last few years it meant haven. I suppose that's what I've always wanted to make for my family. A place of sanctuary and peace. A place of belonging, unconditional love, a safe place to laugh in, cry in, make mistakes in. A place to grow together.

I've hesitated different times over the last 6 months to post pictures, afraid our madness would invite judgement. Did we really leave our beloved home in the country, purge and pack up everything to go live in a one bedroom attic apartment in the city? Who does that?! Over the last few months, the answer deep down, with growing confidence is we do.

When it all comes down to it, home is this sacred space we're building into the spirit of our family. This deep sense that we'll lean into what's good for us. That it is worth sacrificing for - giving up things we think we need, to make room for what's good for our souls. I've said it before, and I'll say it now- home, a haven, is a terribly lonely place without a community to share it with. That is what we are finding here.

Our third floor small apartment at Interyear has given us this good place to find a new balance. Interyear house for us has been like a sanctuary. A place of warmth and welcome. Where our neighbors could've judged our family noise, we've found grace, kindness, friendship and community. Jeremy often works in the communal space downstairs. As a massive introvert I'll easily admit I've been shy and reluctant, opting often to take the outside stairs. Yet the spirit of the house welcomes in, inviting with words and deeds-invitations to Friendsgiving, coffee nights, game nights, rides shared, cupcakes, snow shoveled, ice salted, encouragement, hugs and laughter. It is like being beckoned to sit by the fire and feeling a deep sense of peace, belonging and hope for the future.

It's been a beautiful experience to watch Interyear go through its first year, its first set of fellows and to see its vision for future fellows and the community. It's a vision I can support and embrace. One that seeks to support young people in finding their spiritual and vocational path forward while loving the surrounding community. I look forward to seeing this next year unfold for them and for us.

We're growing too. Building a life and looking ahead. Learning and dreaming new things, embracing life-giving habits. Leaning into community and connection. I'm grateful that this is home.

-Christie Tudor


Please follow this link to read the lyrics and listen to the song “North” by Sleeping at Last, it pairs well with these thoughts. You won’t be disappointed.

Tim Bomgardner