Life as an Interyear Fellow

“A growing community must integrate three elements: a life of silent prayer, a life of service and above all of listening to the poor, and a community life through which all its members can grow in their own gift.” – Jean Vanier

What we offer

This is the invitation. We offer you a chance to be an integral part of a community focused on growth. Are you drawn to contemplative spirituality and also have a desire to be actively engaged in transforming the world around us? Do you have an idea of what kind of person God is calling you to be, but not sure how best to get there? Come spend a year with others on the same journey and we’ll close the gap together.

“A growing community must integrate three elements: a life of silent prayer, a life of service and above all of listening to the poor, and a community life through which all its members can grow in their own gift.”

—Jean Vanier


current fellows

Each of our Fellows are placed in a local ministry or non-profit. Read below to learn more about who they are and where they are currently serving. You can also follow the link for each Fellow to help support their fundraising efforts. If you’d like to become a Fellow, too, you can apply here.

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grant roark

Grant Roark is a Tri-Cities native, growing up in Bluff City, Tennessee before moving to Virginia Beach for six years. There he served in the US Navy, with three deployments before being honorably discharged in 2015. Upon returning home, he began studying at Northeast State Community College to become an EMT. Grant has a passion for missions, participating in several mission trips to Jacmel, Haiti in support of Agape Missions. He also has worked and volunteered at Appalachian Christian Camp in Unicoi for several years. Grant loves being in a community and getting to know others. He is looking forward to being at Interyear.

He is serving this year at Appalachian Christian Camp this year as a counselor, building new structures, and helping maintain the grounds and facilities.


kaitlyn harville

Kaitlyn Harville is an East TN native. She grew up in Morristown, TN before moving to Johnson City to begin her studies at Milligan College. She graduated with a BA in Bible from Milligan. After discerning God’s call toward seminary, Kaitlyn remained in Johnson City to attend Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College. During her studies at both Milligan and Emmanuel, Kaitlyn grew to discover passions for creativity, self-expression and discovery, and social justice. She has also recently discovered a passion for the East TN area as a mission field, seeking to foster spiritual growth in complacent or nominal Christians in the Bible Belt. Kaitlyn is quiet and naturally introspective. One of her main goals is to be a good steward of her language, making her words few but powerful and truth-telling. Kaitlyn is looking forward to her time at Interyear as a time to grow spiritually as well as socially as she learns more of what it means to be in community and grow alongside other believers.

Kaitlyn is serving this year at First Christian Church as an administrative assistant for the Welcome and Involvement team.


Lily crosby

Lily Joy Crosby grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and Johnson City, Tennessee. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in sociology from East Tennessee State University in December 2017. She was awarded the Outstanding Student Award from the sociology department for the Fall 2017/Spring 2018 graduating class. At ETSU, Lily worked in the counseling center and was an avid volunteer with campus outreach programs such as THRIVE, OASIS, and AOD. She co-founded and lead a chapter of Delight Ministries, a national college women’s ministry, and it was there she discovered her passion for working in ministry and leading others in the pursuit of Jesus. Lily enjoys reading, making puns, baking, writing, and creating spreadsheets for all occasions. She has also loved getting to know her community members as a barista in a local coffee shop and is excited to dive deeper into bettering her community with Interyear Fellowship this year!

Lily is serving this year at Appalachia Service Project in the Advancement Department, assisting with fundraising and donor development.

Fellow Benefits

Job & Stipend

One of the biggest struggles in life can be finding a place to work that gives you purpose. This is your point of entry for Interyear Fellowship. You will participate in the decision about which partner organization you will work with during the year, gaining valuable hands on experience. Each Fellow will also receive a monthly stipend of $250 for personal expenses.

Housing & Community

Discovering the right place to live can be another big factor as you settle into a new job and community. All of the Fellows will live under the same roof and contribute to the daily life of the household. Interyear will provide funds for groceries,  utilities, internet, and other services. With a built-in community of like-minded individuals who are going through the same experience, you will become a source of strength and encouragement for each other. 

Learning & growth

This will be a year filled with exposure to new concepts and ideas in a space that is safe. We believe that developing a firm foundation of contemplative spiritual practices will help provide you with the tools needed to explore questions about your faith, issues of justice and equality, calling and purpose. 


Fellow Investment


We ask all of our Fellows to raise $3,000 that will contribute to the overall cost of living and program expenses for the year. However, we do not want the cost to be a barrier for you to experience Interyear Fellowship. We recognize that not everyone that who wants to participate will have access to a network that could raise that amount of money, but we will help support each Fellow to help them reach their goal. 


Participating in Interyear Fellowship will ask a lot from you. In addition to having a full-time job, you will walk through challenging curriculum, engage in other service activities in the community, and be expected to take time to develop spiritual disciplines. One way we will help you accomplish this is by crafting a Rule of Life that will guide you in how best to structure your time in order to fit everything in. It won’t be easy.


As you might expect, moving into a home with other roommates whom you likely don’t know and are expected to spend the next year with, is going to be difficult. You will be stretched and the limits of your patience will be tested. We ask for you to be flexible and gracious as everyone strives to fall into a rhythm that works best for the whole group.

Daily Life



All of the Fellows will live under one roof, each contributing to the life of the household.


You will be responsible to help with all the activities that will sustain the community – shopping, cooking, cleaning, and sharing meals together.


Each day will be bookended by prayer, morning and evening.


During the day, you will serve in a nonprofit or ministry, gaining valuable experience bringing about social change within the Johnson City, TN area.


Spiritual Discipline

You will build in a structure of practicing spiritual disciplines such as journaling, fasting, prayer, and silence, to help create a solid foundation of personal and spiritual growth.

Day of discernment

Every Friday, the Fellows will refrain from going to your job and will participate in a Day of Discernment filled with study, reflection, and conversation.

hospitality & service

Each month will present occasions for hospitality and service together.


To help engage with the broader community in Christ, you will walk together in order to understand yourself, the world around you, and provide some clarity for your vocation.


What to Expect

It will be a full schedule, but as the year progresses, you will begin to feel a pattern of work and rest, study and fellowship, tuning your heart and life to a different rhythm. You can see below for the timeline and learn more about the different Strands that hold Interyear Fellowship together. 



At Interyear Fellowship, we believe that our lives must be defined by intention and purpose if we are to accomplish the work God has prepared for us. To simplify our approach, we have defined our programming into four strands: Service, Intentional Christian Community, Spiritual Formation, and Vocational Discernment. These strands will weave together throughout the year to create a clearer picture for each of our Fellows as they plan to take their next most faithful steps in serving the kingdom of God. Follow the link below to learn more about each Strand.




Intentional Christian Community


Spiritual Formation


Vocational Discernment