what are strands?

At Interyear Fellowship, we believe that our lives must be defined by intention and purpose if we are to accomplish the work God has prepared for us. To simplify our approach, we have defined our programming into four Strands: Service, Intentional Christian Community, Spiritual Formation, and Vocational Discernment. These Strands will weave together throughout the year to create a clearer picture for each of our Fellows as they plan to take their next most faithful steps in serving the kingdom of God.

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Each fellow will be placed in a partner agency or ministry in the community, giving them a firsthand experience of working in a field of interest that serves to meet the needs of those living in the community. Through serving others in this context, it will help create a life that is defined by the humility of Christ, lived in service to others. This placement will assist them in their journey, giving them a greater understanding of their future direction.

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Intentional Christian Community

All Fellows will live together in one household that will be guided by a covenant of life together. This community will be shaped through shared meals, opportunities to show hospitality, monthly communal service and corporate prayer and worship. Upon leaving the program they will have experienced what it means to build and maintain a faithful community, giving them confidence in their next steps.

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Spiritual Formation

The Fellows will craft a Rule of Life for themselves that will integrate classical spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, reading scripture, journaling, and corporate worship with quarterly spiritual retreats. These practices provide the foundation for a life filled with discernment and intention and serves as the defining experience for Interyear Fellowship.


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Vocational Discernement

This Strand will lead the Fellows through reflective reading and journaling as they engage in topics of social change, justice, service and equality that will be discussed together. They will be matched with a local mentor to help them explore potential directions for their calling and vocation. Every week all the Fellows meet together for a Day of Discernment to discuss insights gained from the curriculum, their personal reflection, and conversations with their mentor.

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