Frequently Asked Questions


+ When can I apply?

Applications are accepted at any time, but priority will be given to those submitted before July 15, 2019 for the next program year. We recognize that circumstances change all the time, so if you have any questions, send them to

+ What are the dates for the Interyear Fellowship program year?

Our first program year will end in late July 2019. The 2019-2020 program year will begin August 28, 2019 and go through the end of July 2020.

+ How do you determine where I will work?

Each of our Fellows will work full time for a nonprofit organization or ministry. We are currently accepting partnership applications for the 2019-2020 program year. You can learn more about our current parnters at Once you have been accepted into our program, you will be asked to rank your top placements from our list of partners. You will then have an opportunity to interview with some of those partners, and based on feedback from you and the organization we will make our best placement decisions. You will serve with that partner organization for the duration of your fellowship year.

+ Where does Interyear Fellowship operate?

We are currently going through our first program year in Johnson City, TN. We hope to expand to other locations in the near future. If you think this program is needed and would work well in your community, please reach out to us at

+ What will the living situation be like?

At the end of July 2018, we purchased the house at 223 E. Unaka Ave. in Johnson City, TN. It is a large brick home built in 1925 located on a prominent business and residential corridor a few blocks north of the downtown are. Each bedroom has a private bath and is large enough for two Fellows to share a room. The living space, kitchen laundry, and dining area will be shared by all of the Fellows. Together you will share meals, pray together daily, and be responsible for maintaining the household. In the beginning of the year, you will craft a covenant together that will serve as an agreement for how everyone will live and interact within the house.

+ How do I apply?

Please visit our online application at You will be asked some basic information, answer some short essay questions, and submit references. All information including references should be completed by May 31, 2019.

+ What does the application process and timeline look like?

Applications are due by July 15, 2019. Interviews will be conducted until positions are filled. Partner organizations and applicants will participate in an interview to assist with final decisions on where the Fellow will be placed. Commitments will be signed by all parties. Orientation will take place in Johnson City on August 28, 2019.

+ Will Interyear cover costs for travel to and from the program?

At this time Interyear Fellowship is not able to cover travel expenses to and from our program. Fellows will be responsible for getting themselves to Johnson City, TN in August 2019 and back home at the end of the program year in July 2020. Once accepted into the program, we will cover the cost for any conferences, retreats, or other required travel that are part of the Fellowship.

+ I am not between the ages of 21-30. Can I still apply?

There are many gap year programs available for individuals who fall outside our focused age range. Our desire is to provide a space for young adults that have had some time in higher education or spent time in the workforce gain valuable experience. Interyear Fellowship is a rigorous program and we want to honor that commitment by bringing individuals who are close to the same age and circumstance in life. Programs similar to ours can be found by searching Service Programs that Change the World and the Catholic Volunteer Network.

+ How much does it cost for me to participate?

We ask all of our Fellows to raise $3,000 that will contribute to the overall cost of living and program expenses for the year. However, we do not want the cost to be a barrier for you to experience Interyear Fellowship. We recognize that not everyone that who wants to participate will have access to a network that could raise that amount of money, but we will help support each Fellow to help them reach their goal. It is important, both before and after the program year, to involve your own network and community in the process and give you the courage to speak about important issues in your life.

+ Is Interyear Fellowship associated with a particular denomination?

We are ecumenical Christian ministry, open to all denominations. We are happy to welcome Christians from across the theological spectrum who are willing to come together in a spirit of unity and purpose to participate in the kingdom of God.

+ Do I have to be a college graduate?

It is not necessary for you to have a college degree. Some of our partners may prefer that you be a graduate, but it is not required. The program will have an academic component with assigned reading and writing, so take that into consideration as you think about applying.