Letter from the director


A couple of years ago, I had an idea…

I’ve worked with numerous people who have shared their struggle with trying to find an outlet for their passion. Within them exists a deep sense of unfulfilled potential. If they could just find the right job, the right church, the right…you fill in the blank. There is an underlying theme of frustration with their current circumstance and that place where they could do the most good, both for themselves and their community. The trouble is that it isn’t clear how to get from where they are to that future reality. How do you close the gap?

Most of us don’t have a chance to take a year out of our lives to focus on our own vocational discernment, to spend dedicated time discovering the best version of ourselves that God is calling us to. That’s my desire for Interyear Fellowship. That process of discovery and discernment shouldn’t take place in isolation, but in the context of a loving, caring community that will encourage and inspire one another toward that deeper purpose. 

For young adults that are facing the open world of possibilities, Interyear Fellowship can offer a safe place for them to dedicate a year of searching in a focused setting. My hope is that through establishing strong spiritual practices rooted in Christian history, these young adults will be equipped with the resources they need to live a life defined by the pursuit of loving God and others. They will have the opportunity to ask the difficult questions and the time to explore the answers. 

Spending one year with Interyear Fellowship will give a person the opportunity to serve in a local nonprofit, be personally invested in the lives of others in a small, intentional Christian community, exposure and accountability to developing strong spiritual habits, and a direction for their future. I hope you’ll join me in this journey as we help others to close the gap and flourish in their faith.

Tim Bomgardner,