Why Do We Need Partners?

As we begin our first year of programming, Interyear Fellowship is looking for organizations that will partner with us to host Fellows. Potential partners will offer professional service internships for young adults that are committed to transforming our community and traveling on a journey of self-discovery and vocational discernment. We want to partner with your organization through our Fellows to help you accomplish your mission and transform our community.


Our Partners

Appalachia Service Project & ReFrame Association

Appalachia Service Project is a Christian ministry, open to all people, that inspires hope and service through volunteer home repair and replacement in Central Appalachia. ASP is a home repair and replacement ministry serving low-income families in rural Central Appalachia making homes warmer, safer and drier for the families.

The ReFrame Association is a national network that supports safe and healthy housing by connecting, educating, and promoting home repair programs. Their goal is to help our members raise more funds and recruit more volunteers so that they can repair more homes, and to help them make repairs that are sustainable.

This Fellow will have a unique opportunity to serve two organizations throughout the year, splitting time between them each week. Many of the responsibilities for this position are similar for both organizations - marketing and communications (particularly with partner organizations and donors), event planning and execution, assistance with special projects, and database maintenance.

FamilyPromiseLogo square.jpg

Family Promise of Greater Johnson City

The mission of Family Promise of Greater Johnson City (FPJC) is to help homeless and low income families achieve sustainable independence. They coordinate a network of faith congregations and community agencies to promote a collaborative response for homeless families with children. FPJC provide labs to help families work on goals, life-skill programs, counseling and many other services that are brought in from other providers in the community through their Family Resource Center.

This Fellow will serve as FPJC Thrift Store Manager. They recently started a new thrift store to provide a valuable service to the local community. Responsibilities will include receiving and sorting donations, managing volunteers, maintaining a clean and inviting retail space. There will also be opportunities to engage with other aspects of FPJC’s work with families and churches.

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LXI sees relational poverty as the biggest need among urban youth in Johnson City. They cultivate relationships with Johnson City’s youth by changing their lives with the Gospel, serving as a relational bridge for the community of Christ and broken families.They continually seek to experience and grow in Christ's love for us by lifting each other up, sharing life’s burdens and joys together.

The Fellow serving here will be responsible for managing and working with college volunteers to accomplish their program. Two of those main programs are Launch, an after-school discipleship program and Amplify, a Tuesday night program that offers, food, fellowship and learning.

Previous Partners

Partner Benefits


Contribution & Connection

Since the Fellow will be at your organization for eleven months, it will give you a chance to invest in someone that will has the potential to make a long-term impact in your organization. They will bring a greater capacity for you to achieve your mission. As part of a community of Fellows, they will be connected to other organizations that have a similar goal as yours, but pursue it from a different direction. Our hope is that they will provide your organization with a deeper connection to like-minded organizations in our community to prevent people and issues from falling through the cracks of our society.

Screened & Selected

Once we have accepted a Fellow, they will have the chance to identify their top choice of organizations to serve with during the year. Each organization will also have the opportunity to interview the potential Fellows that have selected that organization. The final decision on which Fellow works at your organization will be a conversation between all three parties.

Committed & Equipped

Our Fellows will make a commitment to serve for the entire year, it’s part of the selection process. There will be a network of support around them to encourage and inspire them, keeping them grounded in your mission. A component of the Fellowship is to invest in each of the young adults through curriculum intentionally designed to help them better understand themselves, prepare them for the workplace, and equip them to be a valuable part of your organization.


Partner Investment



While it is not free to participate, we do ask each organization to contribute $11,000 to host a Fellow at your organization. These funds help Interyear to provide for the basic necessities of housing and food, a living stipend, and invest in their development through training and retreats.

Job Description

We require each organization to provide Interyear with a full job description for each position. This ensures that you, the Fellow, and Interyear have the best information to help them succeed in their role and provide accountability regarding their performance. This will ensure that, as an organization, you can measure their impact and we will have confidence that it will be a meaningful experience during their service.


Every Friday, all of our Fellows will not work at our partner organizations. They will participate in a Day of Discernment together that is a crucial part of their formation. The Fellows will spend that time in conversation related to their study materials, take spiritual retreats, and meet with mentors. We also ask for some personal days so they can take advantage of opportunities that may arise throughout the year.


Apply to Be a Partner