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Thank You.

Thank you so much for your willingness to provide a reference to Interyear Fellowship.

Your input is a crucial component in helping us discern which applicants will be the best fit for Interyear Fellowship. It will provide some detail in giving us a more complete understanding of who our applicants are, and how we can engage them in the process.

This will be the first year of programming for Interyear Fellowship, and we’re excited about what possibilities lay ahead for us, our Fellows, and our community. Since you likely haven’t heard much about our program, please take some time to look through our website and familiarize yourself with our vision. In case you are not able to dedicate that kind of time, here is a brief description about our program:


About Interyear Fellowship

Interyear Fellowship will bring in young adults (21-30) and place them in an intentional Christian community with like-minded individuals for a year. During this time, our Fellows will have a full schedule, with much expected of them. Most of their days will be filled by serving in a nonprofit or ministry, actively contributing to that organization’s mission and purpose. We will place a heavy emphasis on building strong spiritual disciplines, providing a firm foundation for a life defined by Christian service. Along the way, they will engage in carefully crafted curriculum that challenge, stretch, and encourage them as they discuss and explore questions about hospitality, justice, service, and their own vocation.

Since they will be living in a house together with people that likely don’t know, they must be willing to open themselves up and be vulnerable with others in this safe environment. It will test their patience and likely force them to be flexible beyond what they are comfortable with, but they will have a tremendous amount of support and encouragement every step of the way.


Thanks again

Thank you for the love and care you have already shown to this young adult and your presence in their life. We thank you in advance for your honesty and thoughtfulness in providing us with the insight we need to make the best decisions regarding who will participate.

Let's get to it!

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